Welcome to the world of Calamity.  In many ways, it may resemble the legends and lore of the Old West, but the resemblance ends just beneath the surface.  You'll find it a world rich with opportunities to add your story to and fertile ground for a hero or scoundrel of your own creation.  So take a look and find out where and how you'll add your chapter to the weird west.

Calamity Image - SettingThis here town of Carrion Creek sure done lived up to its name since the Calamity fell upon us. Heck if you go up in the Whispering Hills, you can hear the dead cryin'. Makes ya wonder if the tribes knew somethin’ way back when, or maybe these hills have always known death. Course life out here bein’ what it is, I can’t rightly think of any hills that don’t. Least these ‘uns have gold.

Way I hear it someone played things right smart after the Calamity. With all the fightin’ back East, nobody done had time to set things right and some outfit just strode back out and laid claim to these hills. Whoever done it must have some powerful mojo, they even made good with the Iron Nation tribes.

Scent of gold draws all sorts out here to these Hills. Settlers like me lookin’ for a better life, even if that just means one where you ain’t in the slog and horror of the endless damn war. But I done heard word that folks are comin’ from as far off as New York City and even ferners from across the ocean. Can’t imagine those types know how to handle themselves out here, but that’s alright. Their money spends and if they run a’foul of an outlaw or a rough tempered Hollow Nation warrior, well the town’s named Carrion Creek, like I said.