Church of the Deliverer

Mysticism-Church of Ohm

"Who here has not known or seen the great works of the Supreme Architect? I dare say you cannot miss what Ohm has created, be it tree, river or mountain. Who here has not heard of the Salvation bestowed upon us by Ohm's greatest servant, The Deliverer? She who, in our time of greatest need, struck down the foul serpent that wished to corrupt our hearts, minds, and souls. She saved us from our inner struggles and put us upon a path of righteousness.

But therein lies the problem, my brothers and sisters. We all deserve to know salvation in our hearts. To hear it fall upon our ears and see it in the Supreme Architect’s magnificent works. Yet all around us are the works of humanity, clouding our vision of Ohm's great work.

Brothers and Sisters, listen closely. We have a need to travel West so we can, once again, gaze upon the wonders of the Supreme Architect; to look no more upon war and cruelty and corruption. We need to travel West to spread the word of how The Deliverer saved us! And share how she can save others too. We must lead the heathens to set aside the worship of spirits, and instead raise their voices in Her glory.

My Brothers and Sisters, I will go West. I will carry the Word into the wilds and bring Ohm's light into the darkness. Who will travel with me?"

— Last recorded words of Brother Isaiah Caine, 1876

Mysticism-Church of Ohm 2

  • Practitioner: The Blessed
  • Ritual: Benediction
  • Resource: Level of Faith, Time to perform ritual
  • Effect: Blessing
  • Focus: Healing, Damage vs. Abomination, Buffing
  • Source Tagline: Holy

There are many denominations of the Ohmnian faith, of these, the Church of the Deliverer is the most evangelical. Its followers believe in the literal teachings of the faith that many other denominations consider metaphorical.

Followers of the Church of the Deliverer refer to themselves as The Blessed. The Blessed perform rituals, known as Benedictions, to call upon Ohm, the Supreme Architect of the Universe, to grant the them holy power in the form of Blessings.

For each level of Church of the Deliverer purchased, the character will gain a higher level of Faith. Each Benediction requires a level of Faith to perform. Blessings may be used as often as the character performs the appropriate Benediction.