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We have many players who are talented craftsfolk. Here's the place to find out who they are, what they make, and how to contact them for your own custom pieces. You can also check out the Tradin' Post forum where you can buy, sell, and trade amongst yourselves.

If you are a crafter and want to be included on this page, send an email to the staff and we'll set you up!

Books by Chandler Kennedy of Stagheart

Pre-made books can be found on Etsy. If you have a custom request, feel free to contact me and we can discuss pricing. If I'm not able to make what you want, I'll try to refer you to someone who can.

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Props and Guns by Jason Lacey of Hollow Earth Traders.

Pre-made items available through the Hollow Earth Trader Etsy site. Jason can also be contacted through the store to discuss other projects.

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Graphic Design and Wooden Signs by Su Thompson

Su is the creator of most of the graphic work that you will see in Calamity. She designed our rituals, the playing cards shown below, and much of our marketing materials. She also makes simple wood signs. If you are looking for business cards, signs, any number of graphic work, or even your own personal deck of cards, she takes commissions. Feel free to email at

Cards designed by Su Thompson & Steph Chergi

Custom Deck of cards designed just for Calamity. These cards are printed on plastic to be long lasting and include 2 additional cards with some important rules notes. The case is a custom designed tuck case. Calamity is charging a dollar and change over exact pricing just to cover the work of getting these to you.

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Tsung Players/Quan Fa

We have placed an order for sets of quan fa tattoos for you. You can get them through us for $1/set and we'll deliver them to you at your next event. This saves you guys a few cents and allows us to get a few for NPCs thanks to bulk ordering!