Our world is enormous and diverse. The vast majority of people of the 19th century never travel more than one hundred miles from where they are born. Most people have limited knowledge or understanding of cultures outside their own.

On the American frontier, other continents are far off lands full of alien cultures, strange traditions, and ancient secrets. Conversely, the people from these cultures would consider their homelands common and familiar, while the stories of far off America would seem fantastic.

The ongoing War between the States means that many immigrants seeking citizenship are often drafted right off the ship into military service. Both the Federation of American States and the League of American States allow citizens to pay a “commutation fee” of $300 - $500 to opt out of service. This is an impossible amount for many people and this keeps the armies of both sides in fresh troops.

If you are considering a character with the Ferner culture please recognize our world setting is in Carrion Creek, a small town in the American West. While we welcome diverse character backgrounds, the predominant story points of the game will revolve around happenings in this tiny frontier town. We have included some common knowledge about the primary cultures on the various continents, but specific information will be handled on a character by character basis.