Tsung Sorcery

"What brings you to my shop today, hmmm? You wish to commune with your departed husband? This, I can help with. You have brought an offering, yes?

Or are you seeking me for a different reason… a darker reason? Did a Laowai insult your honor? I can summon a curse on their name or give you the strength to get your revenge… but there is a cost, always there is a cost.

Remember what Confucius says, ‘To offer sacrifices to a ghost who is not an ancestor is obsequious, such sacrifices bring no blessings.’"

— Wu Xian, renowned medium in Tsung Quarter,
San Francisco, 1873

Mysticism-Tsung Sorcery

  • Practitioner: Sorcerer, Fa-shi
  • Ritual: Rite
  • Resource: Chi
  • Effect: Powers
  • Focus: Spirit Interaction, Debuff, Damage
  • Source Tagline: Spirit

Sorcery is the practice of rituals, known as Rites. These Rites are performed to compel the various Spirits of the Underworld to give the Sorcerer their Chi. This Chi is stored in the Sorcerer’s focus and can be used to channel Powers from the Underworld.

For each level of Sorcery purchased, the character will gain an increasing amount of Chi. A larger pool of Chi means the Sorcerer can use more Powers. The Sorcerer will also gain the ability to summon more powerful entities in the Underworld, increasing the potency of the Powers they can call upon.

Each Sorcerer character will begin the game knowing The Rite of Binding the Spirit to Feng-Du and three additional Rites of their choice. Sorcerers have access to all of the Powers from each of the Lineages for which they meet the Chi and Authority requirements. For each additional level of Sorcery purchased, the Sorcerer gains two additional Rites and and an increased amount of Chi. Additional Rites and Powers may be discovered in-game.