Man was not always master of the earth . . . and is he now?

Once heard a man on the river say, “If I owned Hell and Texas I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell.” But that was ‘fore we saw Hell. Now, I reckon Texas is right fine.

Heave to, you wretches, we've Lightning to catch!

The light of civilization may lie beyond these horizons, but it remains, and we carry it with us into these wilds.

I will carry the Word into the wilds and my light shall drive back the darkness. Who will travel with me?

The Calamity was a time of great change, a return of the spirits to the land, a return to honor, and a return to strength.

So many locks, never enough keys.

In this distant land, our ancestors hover close. We hear the cries of the dead on the wind.

We stand at the crossroads of our world and gamble against Fate herself.