Meet the Team

Rather than regale you with stats of how long we’ve played or what games we've staffed, let's just say that we probably have a century of experience between us, across more games and stories than we could even begin to list. Instead we’re going to tell you why we’re here and maybe something a little different about us.

Mike H.

Mike H. grew up watching Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, Bonanza, and The Lone Ranger. When not running around the woods with plumbing supplies, Mike embraces a balanced life of “Mind, Body and Spirit”, or in other words, "video games, mud racing and hot yoga." He is a US Army Veteran, married above his station and has incredible twin sons Aidan & Brennan. When he grows up, Mike wants to make movie props for Weta Workshop.

Justin B.

Justin B is part geek/part jock. He can (and has) placed in sports trivia single handedly, but he can also recite the Silmarillion. He has always loved LARPing for the simple escapism, that chance to step into another head space. He’s looking forward to the challenge of running an alternate history game after enough time running fantasy games that he could do so in his sleep. He loves the “redo” aspect of games - how you can keep changing and evolving ideas and concepts in ways the real world does not allow. In fact, if you aren’t happy with a plotline, you might just be able to negotiate with him for a 12-pack of Newcastle.

Justin C.

Justin C. is our ghost writer. Enjoy looking at his mug here because you’ll probably not see it on site. But he keeps churning out content for us. He’s most likely the voice behind letters from your far off loved ones or articles from intrepid reporters. He loved LARPing for a long, long time, but nature finally won its endless war against him and now he creates for us from the luxury of his own home.

Steph C.

Steph C is relatively new to LARPing, her other pastimes include lurking in abandoned buildings and pursuing multiple martial arts (a combination we have just accepted for fear of asking too many questions). She admits to not growing up a fan of westerns, but she makes up for it with being a fan of the weird and creepifying. Steph is an incredible makeup artist and enjoys creating new and horrible creatures to surprise our players.

Jason G.

Jason G. is a sand castle master and the only man known to be stung by a jellyfish in a landlocked town. He loves that larping lets you get into the mindset where the real world disappears for a while, when you know a character so well you no longer have to think out the reaction. He has a flair for getting players to see past the tarps and masks and just fall into a setting. He can set up a module with bubblegum, a piece of string, and a matchbook.

Patrick G.

Patrick G. can be found across site by following the booming sound of his voice, which only gets louder when he opts to whisper. He's never understood this "inside voice" that others reference. He’s mildly dyslexic; just enough so a single word read wrong can turn an entire story on its head, from heroic to dark or back again. He loves LARPing because it allows us to look inside our minds. For him it's a gateway to parts of himself he might never have accessed - public speaking, ideals of courage, and the like.

Kristyn M.

Kristyn dances through life following her passions. Choreographer, Massage Therapist, and Yogi she can hang suspended from the ceiling on silks but is terrified to do a headstand. She loves that LARPing is performance without the 4th wall. Where the line between audience and performers is lost and that leads to truly magical moments that could never be scripted. Beauty and Beast, she is just at home discussing Chaucer over a glass of red as she is flipping a tractor tire in a mud race.

John M.

Upon discovering the Weird West genre, John M knew it was the perfect match for him, after a childhood spent watching Lone Ranger and Zorro reruns, an adolescence collecting an antique books and bits of Victoriana (like every normal teenage boy), and discovering the great film westerns (ranging from Shane to Peckinpah’ Wild Bunch) and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

John's Moustache

John M.'s moustache once stood down a troop of charging baboons in the wilds of Kenya, armed only with a gin & tonic and a ceremonial hunting club he’d bartered for with Masai tribesmen. His moustache can speak a handful of phrases in a half a dozen languages, and can often be found enjoying a fine beverage while relaxing in the local moustacherie. John sometimes laments that his moustache is more popular than he, but it’s hard to stay mad at that moustache.

Angela P.

Angela P. is our cross-dominant, quasi-ambidextrous musician extraordinaire. She’s mastered voice, horn, trumpet, flute, recorder, penny-whistle, bodhran, and just enough piano to be dangerous. Only strings elude her. She firmly believes that the telling of stories is vital. Stories are important, for they are the magic that can infuse our lives.

Dave P.

Dave P. has always enjoyed LARPing as a chance to spend time with his friends and see how they react to all of the crazy situations that turn up. He can build damn near anything and has - massive gate, glass coffin, Ruberg machines wandering throughout an entire lodge. But if we ask him for one more house sized prop, he might just kill us so we plan to stick to more mobile creations. He’s single handedly researched every famous lawdog and scoundrel of the West to keep us honest in our history.

Jeff T.

Jeff T. actually fought in the Civil War, and thus Calamity is simply a continuation of his former life. He's a maestro of monsters, virtuoso of volunteers, and plague upon players. He's looking forward to a moustache twirling duel against John M.

Briana W.

Briana W. lost a game of poker and was thus forced to sell her soul to Calamity. She's an extremely talented artist, specializing in tribal cave paintings in people's backyards. Her qualifications include the ability to wrangle small children, wild dingos, and late night larpers.

Jacob W.

After recently transitioning to a new lair, Jacob W. is hard at work on the expanded secret underground laboratory.  He grew up watching The Wild Wild West television show and has never outgrown his love of gadgets.   He's spent the last few decades tinkering with electronics and LARPing gives him an excuse to build weird stuff.  If you see him smiling it's because he is not left handed.

Shadow W.

Shadow W. is a supervillain who enjoys LARPing because it lets her pretend to be a normal person.  She enjoys the Wild West setting because she's old enough to remember it.  When not at the LARP sites she spends her time fixing other people's problems, which turns out to be a surprisingly lucrative thing to do.  When in doubt, remember - she has a plan.