Meet Rule of 3

R3P_logo_tricolorOriginally established in 2007, Rule of 3 Productions grew out of a decades old friendship. Owners Dave, Joe, and Kristyn have been friends for nearly twenty years and have been creating stories together for most of that time. They first created Red Button Productions, which produced interactive theater or live-action roleplaying events. Rule of 3's mission is to provide opportunities for new creative talent to explore and to present immersive story experiences through a variety of mediums. They enjoy crossing artistic boundaries and fostering collaboration.

Rule of 3, and by extension Calamity, do not approach our games as a "for profit" endeavor. We prefer to operate them more like a club, a group of like-minded individuals that enjoy a similar pastime. The business component is necessary to make sure the organization has enough money to pay for sites, props, food, etc. Please remember the "staff" are all volunteers, and are committed to running the game as a labor of love.

As for the owners themselves:


Dave is a successful builder with an artistic eye. He prefers Guinness to Budweiser and was probably reincarnated from a polar bear.


Joe loves football and trees. He even hugs trees. His favorite is a river birch. He has three seriously awesome kids and a wife who keeps things running at R3P.


Kristyn has too many jobs, but loves them all. Wife, homeschooling mom, choreographer, massage therapist, yoga teacher. She has a weakness for red wine and fairy tales.

About the Rule of 3 Community

The Rule of 3 community is really a big group of friends that enjoy running games with their friends for their friends. Initially growing out of the Shattered Isles community, created by Ian Lemke and Jennifer Hartshorn, and constantly evolving through King’s Gate, Eclipse, Dust to Dust, and soon Calamity. At games, quality roleplay is recognized and valued, even among our “stick jocks”. The community has a number of crafters and many of our players go above and beyond with creating incredible costuming and props. Most of our “makers” are happy to share techniques and help newer players in creating a kit. You can learn more about them through our Tradin' Post.

Outside of games we will get people together to try other activities. Ro3 has had teams participate in a number of Obstacle Course Races over the last few years including Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and Battle Frog. We support the artistic and theatrical endeavors of many of our players, as well as putting together support for various player suggested charities.

We sincerely hope you join us and find a home in our community!