Character Creation

Calamity 2 CH (122)

The world of Calamity is one of consensual reality. Players and staffers work together in order to create a solid, consistent, and intriguing world in which the stories are told. When creating a character, it is recommended that players first consider the questions outlined in Writing a Character History before looking at creation points or how to allocate them. Once the questions are answered, it is required that new players send their character ideas to the Staff, so that the staff is able to address any possible issues before the game begins, and so that the player can be woven into any appropriate ongoing stories. Submitting a full history helps to establish several basic fundamentals of any new character, be they new players or experienced players. Knowing why a character has come to the game location, who they might possibly know, and their past experiences helps to establish a deep and rich sense of the character before play begins, allowing a quick and seamless integration into the game’s ongoing story.

Learning about the Setting:

Take some time to review the various cultures, types of mysticism, and new sciences of the Calamity world with the Setting section of our site to help you define the type of character you'd like to play. Please also review our game Policies where we review things that are not allowed within a character history.

Writing a Character History:

Please complete our Character Registration Form to get access to a culture packet and to send us your history. Include a link to a Google Doc so we can keep your history easily accessible.

There have been some questions about the difference between submitting a character concept, and a character history worth the 5CP. Here is our breakdown:

Character History vs. Character Concept
- A concept is a high level overview of the character.
- A character history should include the following:
1. When were you born
2. Immediate Family
3. Circumstances of early life
4. Circumstances that shaped you into the person you are today
5. What is leading you to Carrion Creek
6. Answers to at least some of the questions from the Creating a Calamitous Character rules document
7. Your starting CP expenditure

Allocating Points:

The System section of the site will break down how you can allocate points. The Staff is always available to discuss options with you.

Two of our players have created spreadsheets to help you spend your starting points. We anticipate having a database set up for future updates and character card creation, but starting out we ask that you check out these sheets, pick the one that works for you, and use that to allocate your starting points.

You can email your build out to us and we'll get you set up in the database as it becomes available.