New Science-Snake Oil & Mixology

“Dr. Crikey’s Anti-Bilious Elixir: excellently adapted to carry off superfluous bile and prevent its morbid excretions — to restore and amend the appetite — produce a free perspiration, and thereby prevent colds ... celebrated for removing habitual costiveness — sickness of the stomach and severe headaches — and ought to be taken by all persons on a change of climate...”

— Dr. Aloysius Crikey

Mad Science-Mixin'

  • Practitioner:Mixer/Pharmacist/Druggist/Herbalist
  • Products: Concoctions
  • Resource: Doses
  • Focus: Augmentation/Debilitation, Healing, Damage
  • Source Tagline: Natural, Poison

In the day of modern patent medicine, almost anything can be cured from a bottle. From consumption to hair loss there are elixirs guaranteed to fix whatever ails you. While there are many con-men and shysters out there, stories abound of lives changed by a daily regimen of a particular tincture.

Tsung Apothecaries are especially sought out, their skill in mixing concoctions is second to none. Many a druggist has made the journey west to seek out new ingredients or steal the wisdom of herb and animal lore from Medicine people of the Iron Nation.

Anyone who practices mixin', regardless of culture, jealously guards their recipes. Many have been passed down through generations or developed over years of experimentation. Even their written notes may leave out critical ingredients or measurements, ensuring that they alone can make use of the knowledge.

Mixin’ is the ability to combine Ingredients into Concoctions. Small amounts of these Ingredients are carried in separate containers and mixed at the time of use to produce the desired effect.  For each level of Mixin’ purchased, the character will increase the number of Doses they can use and the number of Ingredients they can combine to create more complex and powerful effects.

Characters begin the game with four Mixin’ Recipes. Any additional Recipes must be discovered in-game. Purchasing Doses only increases the character’s power potential, not the number of Recipes known.  Mixin’ can represent a variety of character types, a big city Pharmacist, an Appalachian herbalist, a Tsung Apothecary or a Tribal Medicine person.