World-TimeLine war

The 19th century was a thrilling time in American History, but there was an incredible amount of bigotry and intolerance as well. We want a world that is full of conflict, but tempered with the need to create a game that is  open to everyone and balanced with 21st century social sensibilities. We understand that our game world is drawn from a time in American history where racism and gender inequality were the norm, and the concept of sexual definition was non-existent.

Part of the benefit of utilizing an alternate world is setting those injustices aside and adopting a more enlightened world view to maximize the safety and enjoyment of our players. As a creative endeavor we understand that this can make a game setting more difficult to navigate. Please take the time to read through our world design to gain a better understanding of our pulp horror, weird western setting.

1600 BCE:

  • Though the worship of Ohm has existed for thousands of years, the modern Ohmnian Church was born in Egypt when a woman hailed as “the Deliverer of Ohm” overthrew the Dynasty of the Priest Pharaohs.

47 BCE:

  • Caesar conquers Egypt, places Cleopatra on the throne. Cleopatra convinces Caesar to convert to the Ohmnian faith.

48 BCE:

  • During the ongoing conflict between Caesar and Ptolemy, the Library of Alexandria burns. With it most of the original Ohmnian writings, only the simple Book of Ohm survived the fire.

45 BCE:

  • Caesar and Cleopatra win the Roman Civil war and Egypt becomes the major power in the Mediterranean.


  • Leif Ericsson credited with discovering the New World and settled the lands in northern Kanata now known as Raudrland. These Nordic settlers eventually intermarried with the more warlike northern tribes.


  • Columbus follows in the footsteps of Ericsson and opens the door to greater exploration by the old world.


  • The Hierophant of the Church of Ohm issues a decree to the faithful forbidding the practice of slavery. This decree was embraced in Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean countries but largely ignored elsewhere.


  • The British Dominion establishes their first colonies in the new world, named America for the explorer Amerigo Vespucci.


  • Benjamin Franklin creates linked capacitors, calls them “batteries”.



  • French and Tribes War ends leaving The British Dominion and its American Colonies with new lands to the north in Kanata.
  • France and their tribal allies still control the Louisiana Territory, a vast area west of the Mississippi.


  • The Pennsylvania Abolition Society is formed in Philadelphia, dedicated to opposing slavery in all its forms. The Abolition movement meets resistance from agricultural areas, especially in the southern colonies.


  • The American Colonies revolt against the British Dominion over taxation and equal representation in government.


  • The Continental Congress issued the Declaration of Independence, declaring themselves thirteen independent states free from the rule of the British Dominion.


  • American Revolutionary War ends with the defeat of the British Dominion forces.



  • Constitution of the Federated States of America establishes equality for all and abolishes slavery within the FSA. The following were the recognized American States at that time:
    • Delaware
    • Pennsylvania
    • New Jersey
    • Georgia
    • Connecticut
    • Massachusetts
    • Maryland
    • South Carolina
    • New Hampshire
    • Virginia
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • Rhode Island


  • Vermont becomes the 14th state.


  • Kentucky becomes the 15th state.


  • Tennessee becomes the 16th state.


  • Alessandro Volta creates the Voltaic Pile, pairs of copper & zinc disks piled together. This is the first time Lightning is able to be stored.


  • Tensions increase between the Federated States and the British Dominion due to expansion by the FSA into territories controlled by the British Dominion and their tribal allies. In addition, British Dominion privateers would prey upon American ships preventing the FSA from selling to France and Spain due to the ongoing Napoleonic wars.


  • President Thomas Jefferson attempts to make the Louisiana Purchase, but is blocked by Federalist Party elements in Congress. Ultimately, only a small area (later to become the state of Louisiana) is purchased from France.
  • Louisiana Territory sold to the Honorable East India Company. Referred to as The Territory, it covers the land East of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains and North of Texas to the No Man’s land in the far north.


  • Ohio becomes the 17th state. 


  • Lewis and Clark expedition goes west and is last seen entering the Rocky Mountains. Subsequent expeditions succeed by going south through Texas and ultimately reach the west coast.


  • War of 1812 begins between the FSA and the British Dominion. The war is fought on multiple fronts and involved conflicts between uniformed militaries, privateers, and tribes allied to both governments.
  • Louisiana becomes the 18th state.


  • War of 1812 ends with the Battle of New Orleans. The FSA returns British Dominion territories taken in the Ontario province of Kanata. The British Dominion relinquishes the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island to the FSA.
  • The southern states insist on part of the settlement being favorable trade agreements with Britain, especially for cash crops of tobacco and cotton.
  • Finally, the British Dominion agrees to no longer support allied tribes, freeing the FSA to expand west toward the Mississippi River.


  • Treaties are signed between the FSA and several southern tribes that had supported the states against the British Dominion. These treaties provided that:
    • The tribes would be under the protection of the Federation.
    • That land boundaries would be established and that tribal land would be protected from settlement and under their own government.
    • It also stated that crimes committed against the tribes would be punished according to tribal law, and the tribe would extradite criminals to the Federated States.
  • Indiana becomes the 19th state.


  • Mississippi becomes the 20th state


  • Physicians in Vienna successfully reanimate a corpse for one full minute. The debates between scientists and religious leaders rage over the moral implications of “playing Supreme Architect”.
  • Illinois becomes the 21st state.


  • Alabama becomes the 22nd state.


  • Isaiah Caine founds the Staff of Wisdom, a zealous splinter sect of the Ohmnian Church.
  • Maine becomes the 23rd state.


  • Province of Missouri formed in The Territory.


  • Young and Champollion translate the Rosetta Stone, this leads many scholars and archeologists to visit Egypt to study the ancient pyramids and cities.


  • State governments in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee passed laws to strip the local tribes of their lands.
  • The Federal Bureau of Tribal Affairs was created.
  • The Supreme Court supported the southern tribes and recognized them as sovereign nations and not subject to the laws of the individual states.


  • First Photographs invented.


  • Andrew Jackson elected President, pushed for westward expansion and the removal of tribal peoples from their lands as part of what he envisioned as the “Divine Destiny” of the Federation.


  • With the untimely death of a Supreme Court Justice and several prominent tribal supporters in Congress, Jackson sees the Tribal Removal Act is signed into law.


  • The Federation Army is ordered to round up the tribal peoples and force march them to the Mississippi River where they were sent across into the Territory.
    Of the approximately 30,000 people who left nearly 12,000 died on what has been called the Trail of Tears.


  • Henry Blair invents the Sophisticated Mechanical Thresher, a Lightning powered farming automaton that modernized agriculture.


  • Texas takes San Antonio.


  • Battle of the Alamo/Texas Gains Independence from the Spain
  • Colt revolver invented
  • Province of Arkansas formed in The Territory.


  • Michigan becomes the 24th State.


  • Benjamin Montgomery designed a steam operated propeller to provide propulsion to boats in shallow water allowed for the creation of river Steamboats.


  • American settlers in California upset with the Mexican government send letters back East describing the lush lands and perfect climate. This leads to the first wagon trains set out for California to settle.


  • Great Britain takes control of Hong Kong from Tsung Empire.


  • A several thousand pioneers head west to settle Oregon. Many abandon the journey and settle in The Territory, and many others do not survive the journey through the mountainous No Man’s Land reputedly inhabited by dangerous beasts and hostile tribes.


  • Morse Code Telegraph invented, long distance communication is dramatically improved.


  • Walker Tariff enacted to build up fledgling US industry sector and fund westward expansion.
  • Florida becomes the 25th state.
  • Texas becomes the 26th state.



  • Medical breakthroughs lead to the invention of chloroform and antiseptic, both have a significant impact on survival rates for medical procedures.
  • Wisconsin becomes the 27th state.


  • California Gold Rush begins, thousands cross The Territory seeking their fortunes on the west coast.


  • Britain responds to the Walker Tariff by placing a tariff on US goods which heavily impacts the South
  • California becomes the 28th state
  • The territory of New Mexico incorporated into the state of Texas.
  • The Pinkerton Detective Agency founded in Chicago, IL under the sign of the all seeing eye.


  • First World’s Fair held in London, hosted by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.
  • New York Times founded.


  • The Great Drought cripples the Eastern states.





  • Indian Mutiny led to dissolution of the East India Company’s power in India and the establishment of the crown as the British Raj.
  • Federation Army is sent to Charleston to enforce the tariffs.
  • Disaster occurs during a standoff between Charleston citizens and the Army, resulting in the event known as the Charleston Massacre.


  • Province of Minnesota formed in The Territory
  • British Navy begins to escort their merchant ships and anchor in Southern harbors
  • Southern states insist on the repeal of the Walker Tariff
  • Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln gives his “Rational Minds” speech. Though he was not elected to the Senate, the speech launches his campaign for president.


  • Federation Army is ordered into southern states to enforce the Walker Tariff. Military officers from southern states resign in protest and return home.
  • The first oil well, the Drake Well, is drilled in northwestern Pennsylvania.


  • Abraham Lincoln elected President on the platform to bring the South back into the fold. His election results in South Carolina legislature to convene and vote to secede from the Federation. This act shocks the nation and other southern states put out a call for all southern military persons to leave their posts and come defend their states.
  • Pony Express created, primarily used to get messages into rural states and The Territory where telegraph lines were non existent.
  • Henry Repeating Rifle invented.


  • Upon his inauguration Lincoln calls for meeting of the "rational minds" to stave off catastrophe. On the first day of negotiations a Lightning Bomb is detonated in the hotel hosting the conference, killing all in attendance. Referred to as the Baltimore Bombing, this act ends any hope of peaceful resolution.
  • In April, rebel forces fire upon Federation troops stationed at Ft. Sumter, thus beginning the American Civil War.
  • Texas, dismayed at Federation ignoring the growing threat of the Aztec Empire south of Mexico, secedes from the Federation and forms the Republic of Texas.


  • Pacific Railroad Treaty is signed allowing the Federation Pacific company to break ground in Omaha and the Central Pacific to break ground in Sacramento to create a transcontinental railroad. This required many closed door negotiations with The Company and nobody will say what concessions were granted by the railroads.


  • Territory of Arizona incorporated into the Republic of Texas.
  • Federation and Central Pacific Railroad companies break ground on the transcontinental construction. This work resulted in thousands of Tsung immigrants coming to California to help create a new life in the Americas.


  • The Southern Line Railroad begins construction of rails to preserve their access to the western coast, replacing previous lines damaged during the war. Unable to to negotiate terms with The Company to build across The Territory the Southern Line comes to an agreement to run their line through Republic of Texas.


  • Mercenary forces representing both the Southern Line and Federation Pacific Railroad strike against one another in efforts to sabotage the competing lines. This ongoing conflict became known as the Rail Wars.


  • In The Territory, the provinces of Kansas & Missouri erupt into violence over Kansas City voting to join the FSA. This conflict comes to be known as Bleeding Kansas.


  • As the war enters its eighth year, Lincoln suspends elections at the Federal and State level to “maintain the integrity and stability of our great Federation through these trying times”.


  • The Grand Northern Line, formerly Federation Pacific Railroad, drives the golden spike at Promontory Summit, Utah, to complete the first transcontinental railroad.


  • Southern Line completes their transcontinental line in Ft. Fillmore in the AZ territory.
  • Gold is discovered in the Dakota area of The Territory. Thousands violate the treaty with the northern tribes and swarm to the Black Hills.





  • In the aftermath of the Calamity the tribes formed into three great nations; The Iron Nation, centered around the former provinces of Oklahoma and Arkansas, The Wind Song Nation whose lands border the Texas Republic, and The Hollow Nation, fearsome warlike tribes from the Dakotas and Rocky Mountains.
  • General George Custer is ordered to cross into The Territory, to assess the damage and determine if the Federation could take this opportunity to expand west.
  • Custer’s 7th Infantry was entirely wiped out in a battle with a force reputed to be of the Hollow Nation.


  • Gold discovered in the former province of Arkansas. Representatives from The Company put out word that a land sale would take place in Carrion Creek, a small town nestled in the Whispering Hills of the Ozark Mountains. The brave and desperate flock west, looking to make their fortune...