New Science-Gadgeteer

“If anyone should doubt whether the electrical matter passes through the substance of bodies, or only over along their surfaces, a shock from an electrified large glass jar, taken through his own body, will probably convince him.”

— Benjamin Franklin

  • Gadgeteer 2Practitioner: Gadgeteer
  • Products: Gadget
  • Resource: Lightning
  • Focus: Damage, Debuff, Utility
  • Source Tagline: Lightning, Natural

Gadgeteerin’ is the ability to capture Lightning and store it in Volta Coils.  The Gadgeteer can then harness the power of Lighting by connecting the Volta Coils to variety of technological weapons and utility items.

As early as the 1740s, mankind had begun harnessing electricity. Far from true scientific use, it was mainly employed for magic tricks by creating sparks and shocks.

Benjamin Franklin revolutionized mankind’s understanding of the the connection between electricity and lightning, proving his theory by flying a kite with a key into storm clouds. His most famous invention was the lightning rod, a device that allows man to harness the power of Lightning.

In 1800 Alessandro Volta created the Voltaic Pile, pairs of copper & zinc disks piled together. This rudimentary battery that allowed him to store captured Lightning for use as needed, establishing the basis by which current scientists store electricity to power many modern devices.

For each level of Gadgeteerin’ purchased the character will increase the amount of Lightning capacity they can harness and the number of Volta Coils they may use.

Characters begin the game with three Gadgeteerin’ Schematics, any additional Schematics must be discovered in-game. Purchasing additional levels of Gadgeteerin’ only increases the character’s power potential, not the number of Schematics known.

Gadgeteering is a skill-set that will require props to represent lightning powered devices. Players considering this skill-set may want to either have skill in prop-making or a budget for purchasing appropriate phys-reps.