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Where the Rules govern the mechanics of the game, Policies deal with Out-of-Play issues – the environment in which the game runs. In general, policies exist only when the good of the game requires it. Violations of these policies are grounds for being asked to leave an event. Serious or repeated violations may result in the offenders being unwelcome at future events.


Safety is of primary importance at all Rule of 3 Events. All players are required to be familiar with the safety rules and abide by them. These rules can be found in the online rulebook on the Calamity website. All first time players are required attend a safety briefing before being allowed to play.


All players are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner at all times especially while in combat. Failure to do so may result in being restricted from participating in combat for a period of time, if not permanently. In order to take part in a Rule of 3 event, all participants must agree to follow the rules and conventions of the game. Refusal to do so, or deliberately flouting these rules is grounds for being banned from this and all other Rule of 3 Productions events.


If you feel that anyone at the game is engaging in comments or behavior towards yourself, a player, volunteer, or staff member in a way that is unwelcome or uncomfortable, immediately contact a member of staff or an owner (Kristyn M., Dave P., Joe M.) with your complaint, and we will take action. Rule of 3 does not tolerate harassment of any kind of its players, volunteers, or staff.

By default, physical contact is never allowed between players. Some players may have entered into agreements allowing full contact or setting other boundaries outside of the default, but these agreements are only permissible with the full consent of both parties, and should not be expected to extend beyond the parties in question. Staff does not police full contact agreements, but will respond to reported breaches thereof.

Safe Environment

The primary reason people attend LARPS is to have fun. In that spirit, Rule of 3 Productions has a few rules and guidelines for behaviors that ensure that the game environment makes all players feel safe and welcome.

There are certain concepts that are entirely off limits for inclusion in the game world in any fashion, including in character histories or pasts. They include: rape or sexual assault, incest, out of play racial slurs or bias, gender bias or bias based on sexual identity or preference. We recognize that these are real world issues that exist, but we have the luxury of excluding them from the world that we create.

In-Play character bias based on culture or socioeconomic status is permitted and expected.

Conflict Resolution

If you have a conflict with another player (i.e., "I believe I hit them but they did not seem to take the blow," "they were not affected by my spell but did not call a spell protective," etc.), speak to the player out of play about it in a respectful manner.

If you cannot come to a resolution, immediately bring the matter to a member of the staff and attempt to resolve the situation with their assistance. Please speak to a member of staff about any significant problems you experienced on any of these topics during the weekend before leaving site.

If you are not comfortable speaking to a staff member, you can approach the Owners mentioned above, or ask another player you're comfortable with to bring the matter forward for you.

Forbidden Materials

  • Alcohol - Most Calamity events take place at state parks; these parks have strict rules regarding alcohol. Additionally, intoxicants and boffer combat are a poor combination. As a general rule, there is no alcohol at Calamity events. Do not bring it with you. Do not consume it. Do not arrive at an event under the influence. From time to time, there may be non-combat events at suitable venues where these rules are relaxed (for players of legal drinking age only!) If that is the case for a particular event, it will be announced.
  • Drugs - Illegal drugs are never welcome at Calamity events. Do not bring them, do not use them, do not arrive at an event under the influence.
    If you are using prescription drugs which impair you, you are required to notify a Staff Member. Depending on the severity of the impairment, you might be required to attend the event as a Non-Combatant, for safety reasons.
  • Weapons - Non-game weapons (firearms or otherwise) are not to be brought to Calamity events. You are welcome to leave them locked in your vehicle, if that is permitted by the rules of the venue. At some non-combat events, such as games at conventions, appropriate weaponry (peacebound) may be allowed as part of your costuming – this will be announced if it is the case.
  • Civil War Iconography - Our game is set in an Alternate History and as such the United States and Confederacy do not exist as they do in the real world. No flags or other icons from the American Civil War should be used or displayed during a game event.

Children & Minors

Please keep in mind our policy reflects our hope that we can create the best in-game atmosphere for our Live Action Roleplaying events. We like kids… we even have some of our own!

Calamity has a blanket 18+ age policy. Exceptions may be made for those over the age of 14 on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of staff. Such players must obey any guidelines and restrictions set for them by Staff, and have the permission or attendance of a parent or guardian.

Unless otherwise noted, all other children must follow the guidelines below:

  • For One Day events, children (under the age of 17) are allowed on site as Non-combatants (orange headband).
  • Accompanying guardian must also wear an orange headband.
  • For overnight events such as Campovers and Three Day Events, children are not allowed in In-Play locations. A cabin in an In-Play area is considered In-Play.
    Children should stay within 10 feet and in line of sight of guardian.