Costume Guidelines

Half of the fun of LARPing is looking cool. So here's some links to help you pull that off! As our players find more great resources we'll keep updating here. Be sure to check out the Tradin' Post for community members who make costuming, props, and weapons for sale.

Keep in mind that we do have strict guidelines for our Iron Nation and Tsung players. Please feel free to contact the staff for approval of anything you intend to purchase or make. It is very important to us that we represent these cultures respectfully. More specific information can be found on those specific cultural pages.

Pinterest Boards

  • Settlers
  • City Folk
  • Iron Nation
  • Tsung Empire
  • Ferners - because this covers such a broad overview of the world, we do not have a specific board created for them. We encourage you to peruse our other boards for starting points and then research the culture of your choice within the appropriate time frame. We are always happy to discuss options with you.

Costuming Sites

Tsung Players/Quan Fa

We have placed an order for sets of quan fa tattoos for you. You can get them through us for $1/set and we'll deliver them to you at your next event. This saves you guys a few cents and allows us to get a few for NPCs thanks to bulk ordering!