Rule of 3 Productions and Calamity exist because of volunteers who spend their time and energy helping with the game. Our volunteers do everything from making sure that weapons are safe and available for our NPC volunteers, to writing storylines, and everything in between. In addition to full-time Monstering, we are always looking for people who are willing to help out, and we have a wide range of opportunities that can fit anyone's talents and skill-sets.

Mandatory Volunteer Time

Calamity does rely on volunteerism to function. Sadly, we don’t have 50 spare volunteers to keep you all entertained all weekend and deal with clean-up, so we do require players to contribute to the game in some fashion. Generally we ask for 2 hours of your time during the game and will assign players some aspect of post-event cleanup. We strongly recommend that you pre-register your volunteer slot and desired duties in advance. The registration form can be found on the Events page. By doing so, you can tell us who you enjoy volunteering with, the kinds of things you like doing, and if there are specific things you really don’t want to miss this time around. In turn, we can review our schedule and make sure you aren’t off tormenting your fellow players just when we’ve scheduled someone to come and challenge you to a shoot out. We can’t promise you’ll always get your ideal pick, but we can promise that we’ll work with you to make volunteering as enjoyable as possible. Doing your in-game volunteer time has the bonus effect of resetting your character's Deeds.

We are big fans of empowering our volunteers. To that end, we want everyone to get to do things that they enjoy and we want to take advantage of the many diverse skills in our player base. So we might ask you to play a named role one event, help with set-up an event, fight in the field battle, or even write and run an encounter if that’s something you’d enjoy. All encounters will be reviewed by the Staff for consistency, but we realize we’ve got plenty of people out there with years of experience or who have always wanted to dabble with storytelling. Finally, we always need some extra help at the end of the event with clean-up and break-down. Choosing a clean-up task can be done at the same time you select your mid-game volunteer time. Both choices can be made via our Volunteer Time Sign-up Form.

Rewards of Volunteering

In many ways, volunteering for the game is one of the fastest and best ways to get involved. Through volunteering, you can meet a lot of the other players, become familiar with the staff, and learn more about the game and how everything fits together. It’s also a great way to distinguish yourself.


Rewards are offered to volunteers in the form of Buttons. These can be turned in for a number of considerations and are the game’s method of saying thank you to our volunteers. While we recognize that Buttons don’t remotely begin to compensate our volunteers for the work that they do, they do serve as our gesture of appreciation.

To find out more about current available Button opportunities, whether it’s volunteering, donating props, or making things for the game, please contact the staff. You can also donate money to help players attend games, fund the props budget, or browse the game's Amazon wish list through the Donations page.

Spending Buttons

  • Starting Character Points – Starting characters may gain up to 10CP at 2 buttons per CP. This is a one time purchase.
  • Off Month Character Points – Characters may gain up to 3CP for non event months at 2 buttons per CP
  • Gifting Buttons - Each player may gift up to six Buttons per month to another player. This can be done as a one-time gift or set up to happen automatically every month.
  • Extra In-Game Money– Characters may may purchase up to 20 chips at a rate of 1 button per 2 chips
  • We will continue to assess other opportunities as the game progresses


Work Day

Work Days happen maybe once or twice yearly and are announced way ahead of schedule. State parks have it hard for funding, so occasionally, Rule of 3 as a community will spend the night at the park (usually the same site we use for games) and put our general handyman skills to use fixing various issues around the site. These can range from the very simplistic such as picking up debris from storms, to slapping a fresh coat of paint on a chipping wall, or changing out busted light bulbs as well as the more complex skills of tightening up plumbing and grouting fresh tile. Volunteers are never asked to do more than they’re comfortable with and everyone is welcome, even kiddos (properly supervised). It’s just a way for us to get in better graces with the parks and rangers who run them, as well as save the state some money that would have otherwise gone to these issues.