"You call yourself a scholar? A few years at University and you believe you have acquired true knowledge? You are a dabbler, barely scratching the surface of the universal truths that exist.

You could not comprehend the things I know. I could show you sights that would shatter your paltry mind. I could whisper in your ear names that would wither you like a corpse in the desert. I could describe to you vistas that would render your darkest nightmares akin to a gentle sleep. What know you of The Sleeper of N'kai, of Ancient Mu and the sunken cities? Have you seen cyclopean pillars of Kush or quailed before the Thousand-Faced Moon?

This volume is for the true seeker of knowledge, for one that is prepared see beyond the little myths and legends that define our reality. If you fancy yourself an initiate then turn the page, we will see if you have the will to stand on the threshold and not falter."

— Introduction to the Libro Verborum Vermis,
1st Edition by Adalric Von Strauss


  • Practitioner: Theurgist
  • Ritual: Invocation
  • Resource: Sigils/Sanity
  • Effect: Binding
  • Focus: Mind Control, Physical Control, Damage
  • Source Tagline: Eldritch

Theurgy is the practice of performing rituals, called Invocations, with the intention of summoning the presence of one or more extra planar entities that exist outside of normal space-time. Invocations are done with the goal of temporarily binding the entity with Sigils and exacting power that the Theurgist stores in a mystic Focus for later use.

For each level of Theurgy purchased, the character will gain an increasing number of Sigils equal to their Sanity. A larger pool of Sigils makes it easier to complete Invocations, conduct an increased number of invocations, and initiate higher level Invocations.

Each character will begin game with 3 invocations, any additional rituals must be discovered in-game. Purchasing Sigils only increases the character’s power potential, not the number of invocations known.