Conducting Research in Calamity

Question was brought up on the Rules Forums and I thought that the response would make a good general post.


In general research is conducted by obtaining texts, items, or locations with puzzle challenges related to the subject.


In many cases Staff will release new content.

• Thus far we have put out several medical books that included puzzles. Solving these expanded the options for Treat Condition.

• We have also introduced different types of more physical puzzles that could be solved to unlock new mystic rituals/effects.

• In some cases the requirement to solve the puzzle was simply skill related (example: Doctorin’ 3). In some cases there were multiple requirements (Doctorin’ 3 & Learning – Biology).


Players can proactively try to research new content.

• If a player has a line of research they want to pursue, they will need to find a resource to facilitate the research. (This could be writing to a university, colleague, secret society, etc to acquire a book on the subject or an expert to point them in the right direction.)

• In some cases you will not find what you are looking for, and the resource may send you in a different direction. (We will be very upfront if a line of research simply will not fit within the game world so that you do not waste your time or effort pursuing something we do not want in the game.)

• Doctorin’, Gadeteerin’, Mixin’, and Mad Science will have the best luck with “inventing” new things.

• Theurgy, Manteia, and Artificin’ were designed to have a minimal amount of starting rituals/recipes with opportunities to uncover lost secrets from tomes and archeology.

• Church, Wheel, and Sorcery all have fairly fleshed out effects lists, however there are secrets out there to learn, primarily from NPC interactions.



Calamity Staff

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