State of the Game – February 2017

Hello all you Calamitous people! We are hurtling toward our first events and I wanted to give everyone an update on the state of the game.


First, I want to wax philosophical about our goals for Calamity, I think it is important for everyone involved to understand our motivations for engaging in the insanity that is producing a LARP.

At a recent staff meeting, we discussed this question and developed the following as the goal for our game:


The goal of Calamity is to create a positive community of players and staff that work together to create an immersive game world. We want to foster an environment where volunteering for the game is as much fun as playing the game. Ultimately, we want to tell a deeply personal story for a dedicated group of players in a manner that reflects our LARP philosophy. This game is not run to make a profit; our financial goal is to make enough money to cover sites, expenses, and a decent props budget, without sacrificing our artistic integrity.


When I first pitched this concept to the Rule of 3 owners, we all anticipated that Calamity would be a small niche game. Your response has been beyond anyone’s estimate or expectation. We have over 100 players registered for our inaugural event on the Southern Belle Riverboat. Our original survey had indicated we would have around 60 players. The show of support and faith in the game is truly humbling.


Character History Submission

We have a form created  that pulls some basic information into a database, this is the only sane way we can manage this process.


The form has a few simple fields and space for a link to a google doc. Even if your history is just your player name and character name, send us a link. As you make edits the link will not change, initially this will be the easiest way to review and iterate with you on your histories.


We will post a list of the ones we have received, if you submitted a history prior, please just fill out the form and send the link again


The price of success is that the amount of interest in the game is making some logistics harder on us. We ask for your patience as we work through character submissions.


Character CP Submission

We are working on an online database that will allow players to log on at any point and view their characters. We are working on an efficient way to populate this database, will be sharing more on that in the next week or so.


March 3-Day Event Lodging

Based on the number of attendees for the riverboat we have realized we need to outline the lodging situation for March. We have done the math, we can accommodate 114 players in beds at AH Stephens. That is our current player cap for the March event. We might be able to expand that a bit, if groups in lodges want to add cots, couples double up, etc.


We will continue to track numbers, as it gets closer, but based on the riverboat numbers we are assuming we will reach capacity. Players must pre-register for March to ensure you get a bed. Please spread the word to your friends, if you show up on site without registering, there will probably not be accommodations for you.


Current Button Opportunities

Dave Cali has some posts up about our spell packet needs. Making spellpackets is an easy way to earn buttons throughout the year.


Generic Costuming

Long Sleeve Button up Shirts. Oxfords in white, solid colors, striped or plaid (period appropriate colors please) or plaid flannel shirts. For women, long sleeve button up blouses, Most of us probably have a few old dress shirts that we do not wear or do not fit us anymore, so we are not asking that you go purchase new, but rather donate old.


Many of the tribes wear a style of shirt called a ribbon shirt. These are basically a Renaissance/LARP shirt with ribbons stitched to them. We are looking for your old LARP shirts to convert into ribbon shirts


Vests - we want suede or leather vests for settlers and suit or tuxedo vests for city folk. Mens or Womens. Again, old stuff from your closet or cheap finds from a thrift store is what we are seeking.


If everyone donates one or two shirts, you are guaranteed to have one that fits when you come to do your NPC time 😉

  • We are offering 2 buttons per long sleeved button up shirt that meets the criteria above
  • We are offering 4 buttons if the shirt is “western” pearl snap buttons, or western pattern
  • We are offering 6 buttons for a usable renaissance/LARP shirt (solid colors, cotton fabric)
  • We are offering 5 buttons for western or tuxedo styled vests


Weapon Making Days

Looking at scheduling two weapon-making days, one in February and one in March. One weekend we will focus on sanding and painting the guns for Monstertown, the other weekend will be devoted to constructing melee weapons and claws. We will be looking for volunteers to help with these in exchange for buttons.

I'll post dates and a signup form for these in the next day or so. These weekend would also be a good time to drop off donations of costuming, packets, etc.


Next Things

We are hammering though character histories as fast as we can, prioritizing players that will be attending the riverboat event.

Some of the mysticisms require a bit more information as well. The Church is a world spanning organization, and every player should have some exposure to its influence. That information will be coming soon as well.


Thank you all and we look forward to creating an incredible world with you!


Calamity Staff

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