Calamity Inaugural Event


We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that came out to the first Calamity event, Crossing the Mississippi, we sincerely hope that the players had as much fun attending as we did hosting.

For me this specific event was the realization of a vision 5 years in the making and it could not have happened without the hard work of the staff and the incredible enthusiasm of the players.

We cannot express how gratifying and motivating it is to have so many of you participate in this endeavor. Your costumes and roleplay were top notch, and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing you at the March event.

Kristyn busted out a feedback form so that you can share your thoughts while they are fresh, it can be found here:



Many of you talked with Charlie Utter about transportation from Cotton Point to Carrion Creek. We will be setting up forums this week for each of the caravans. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the people with whom you will be spending the next few weeks of travel. (Players that did not attend the event will be taken care of as well).



The staff of the Southern Belle were extremely flexible and did a lot to help make the event a success. If you enjoyed the event please consider leaving a review for The Southern Belle Riverboat on Yelp.



This next month will be crazy for us, we have a number of administrative and logistical elements to finalize. We ask for your patience as we get the character database populated, histories reviewed and vetted, and publish the last of the rules.

In the next few weeks we will be helping AH Stephens with the annual work day to prepare the park for 2017. This will award buttons, and every person that shows up equals money for the AH Stephens budget from the state.

Additionally we will be trying to get the last of the monstertown weapons created. We have some guns that will still need painting and will be looking for a number of volunteers with boffer making experience to help with assembling and taping our melee weapons. More information on this next week



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