February 2018

In the cold dawn of February 17th, a long column of covered wagons rolls into Carrion Creek, each bearing the symbol of The Company. The drivers are all bundled against the bitter cold, their features masked by the layers of coats and scarves.

From the backs of the wagons pour workers, bundled up like the drivers. Quickly they begin to unload the wagons. The workers do not speak, among themselves or to anyone in town. Silently they go about their work, never stopping for a break, showing no signs of fatigue. A figure in a top hat oversees the operation, only pausing briefly to exchange words with the Mayor.

Over the next several hours, piles of wood and canvas become a huge tent, like one would see at a traveling carnival or an Ohmnian revival. From inside the tent comes the sounds of tables and chairs being moved, a piano player warming up, and the clink of bottles and glasses… strange because none of these items were unloaded from the wagons.

At 3:45 the figure in the top hat checks its pocket watch and claps its hands. The workers and drivers silently pour out of the tent, pile into the wagons, and head out of town. Two lanterns gutter to life on either side of the tent entrance and at 4:00 sharp the figure raises its arms and announces in a loud voice “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the Majordomo. The Company formally invites you to join us in The Dealer’s Room”.

As those ahead of you enter the tent, you see warm light, hear the sound of music and voices, and the smell of delicious foods waft out. You step out of the chill air and into the warmth of The Dealer’s Room…

The Territory |  The Strand Theater | February 17, 2018

Strand Registration
Notes to Pre-Reg

The Strand is located at 117 N Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060.  The Strand is conveniently located next door to the Cobb County Parking Garage (between Cherokee and Waddell Streets). Parking is free to the public all day on weekends. Cross Cherokee street and you’re at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre!

For this event the cost is $65. The event runs from 4-10pm. There will be heavy hors d'oevres available as well as a cash bar.

Players that attend this event will receive 10CP.

This is a non-combat event and as such we will not be running a traditional check-in. This means we will not be providing character cards or running production. We will arrange for the copying of recipes and the like. We have access to both the Lumiere Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Strand as well as the 4th floor ballroom and balcony. The 4th floor has plenty of room should any of our talented musicians wish to set up and play.

Special Circumstances

  • If you pay for, but cannot or choose not to attend any event, you may still submit a checkout form and receive full build for that event.
  • Because this is a special occasion and we have to cover both site fees and catering, this unique event fee cannot be rolled over to a later date.