For the best response please use official channels to contact staff members. We cannot guarantee prompt and accurate response by other means.

Calamity and Rule of 3 values communications with its players and volunteers. Please reach out to us with your feedback, concerns and suggestions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for being part of the Calamity experience.

Calamity Staff
Contact Staff for most of your Calamity questions. Anything about characters, world questions, sites, directions, volunteering, etc. We are your first point of contact. When in doubt, we are your best bet and we can forward your questions if they need to go elsewhere.

Calamity Pre-Registration
Communication about on-site lodging or about your pre-registration should go here.

Calamity Logistics
Communication about character build should go here.

Calamity Button Records
If you need access to your button records, email here and we'll get you a link to the button database.

Rule of Three Forums
All Rules questions, all the time.

Rule of Three Owners
Anything generic to Rule of 3 rather than Calamity specific can go here. In addition, questions about policy can go to the owners.